Travel Style: Sri Lanka

Oh how fun it is to squish a week’s worth of clothing into a carry on bag!  Luckily, bikinis don’t take up too much room and heels are just silly at the beach.  I made it through the week wearing white linen, sandals, and a few other key accessories.  See this post for some photos from the trip!

Linen Pieces


IMG_1311 copy


My friend asked me to bring sweaters from New York for her, since she’s studying in Australia and it’s winter there.  This meant 1.  that I had to pack very lightly to make room and 2.  I had to run all over SoHo looking for the last few sweaters and jackets left in stores.  While looking in American Eagle, I wandered into their Aerie store, which had a lot of beach style clothes.

I got these shorts there for about $10 and boy are they comfortable.  They’re mid rise and long enough for my parents to see me in them, plus they’re very lightweight.  I actually wore them on the plane there and back.

I also got this top from Aerie, which I wore every day over my bathing suit.  It’s easy to throw on and off, thin material, and longer in the back so it completely covered my bikini bottom.

Slipper Sandals


These sandals are great for people who don’t like to show their feet, or haven’t gotten a pedicure.  I liked these mainly because they don’t make that flip-flopping sound that thong-style sandals make.  It made an evening outfit look (and sound) more elegant.  I bought these on Gilt last summer, but this is a similar style.

Floral & Lace Kimono



This was another very useful item, since it can be worn a million different ways.  In desert climates, when it gets colder at night, this is perfect to bring to dinner in case it gets chilly.  It also can be an extra layer with jeans and a tank top during the day or for travel.  It also can be thrown over a bikini for a very casual cover up.  I got this in Laguna Beach, California during LF’s monster sale where clothing is just piled to the ceiling and everything is still over priced. This is a similar style by Necessary Clothing.

Carry-On Shoulder Bag


What a lifesaver this bag is!  I bought this the day after a very elderly lady confused my bag for hers at the gym. My gym buddy laughed at me because she always tells me I dress like a frumpy grandma.  I like grandmas, personally, so I didn’t think this was the worst comparison, but it also was a pretty common bag; nothing special.  This has a snap closure, but you can basically stuff it with carry-on nonsense until it’s too heavy to lift.  I also like the light blue suede lining on the inside, it’s so pretty.  Inside the zip there are all sorts of compartments which makes it really easy to stow documents/head phones/chargers.  I use this bag mostly for travel and the gym (I can actually fit a set of boxing gloves in there.  Score!)

Target Bikinis



Much like E.L.F. makeup and brushes, these are some of the few things for which I would actually pay more.  I have $70 bikini tops and honestly, there is no noticeable difference in quality.  Target was having a sale (Buy One Get One 50% off) at the time, so I ordered a bunch online for this trip.  I got 6 or 7 tops for around $85.  They have a bunch of tops that are great for larger busts, too.  I was so happy to have picked these up.  Above I’m wearing the Vanilla Beach Halter Bralette Top.

I hope this was helpful for any trips you may be taking in the future.  I’m going to Scottsdale soon, so I’ll packing these babies back up in a few days!  DupeDay tomorrow is featuring the Beauty Blender so stay tuned, guys.

All The Best,


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