Favorite E.L.F. Makeup

E.L.F makeup is sort of like Forever 21 clothing.  You don’t expect to use it forever and it’s about as cheap as it gets so you’re not too upset if it breaks.  You also find a gem sometimes that’s both beautiful and well made.  It doesn’t hurt that it was a fraction of what you’d usually have to pay.  E.L.F. has these gems in their collection and I’d like to share some of my favorites if you’d be so kind to join me.

Studio Eyeliner, $3



I use gel to line my lids, but for inside waterline these pencils are just as good as any others except they’re only $3.  It’s also important to note that E.L.F. does have sales regularly, I remember I got these for $1.50 each.  That’s pretty hard to beat.

Blush Palette, $6


This is perfect for travel, when you never can be too sure which variation of pink will be the right one (it never is the one you brought).  These blushes come out to $1.50 each which is a score in my book.  The powder is also soft; it performs just like any of my high end blushes.

Golden Bronzer, $3


This is another must-have for travel.  Each quadrant is big enough that you can dip into one individually, which means you have two bronzing shades, one highlight shade, and one pinky blush.  You can also mix them together to get a really glowy bronze look.  Again, I find the quality to be pretty similar to my high end powders.

Pressed Powder (Sand), $3


This super fine powder is perfect to set your under eye area and add some coverage.  When I wear this, I don’t even use concealer because this does the trick.  If you go overboard, you will look like a caked up mess.  I always use MAC’s Fix+, which takes away the cakey look and I’m good to go.  When used in moderation, though, it’s perfect to make the triangles under your eyes matte – I hate for that area to be shiny or glow.  My Becca and Laura Mercier setting powders have been collecting dust lately.

There you have it!  Let me know what some of your favorites are as well, I’m always happy to replace my expensive make up items with inexpensive alternatives.  Thanks for reading!

All The Best,


16 thoughts on “Favorite E.L.F. Makeup

  1. I personally love ELF makeup because you can find some amazing drugstore dupes of some high end products. I haven’t tried these, but I can’t wait try these! I’ve tried the primer which could totally substitue for my Smashbox primer, its that good. I’ve also used the ELF bronzer-blush duo in the shade St. Tropez which is by far the prettiest shade I’ve ever used!
    Much love xo


  2. Awesome post! Elf is one of my favorite brands. I have had all of these products at one time or another and loved them all. My favorite is the blush and bronzer contour duo. Have you tried that?


  3. Wow, that 4 blush palette looks amazing, I’ve never seen that before – only the blush singles or bronzer / blush duo.
    And honestly, that elf bronzer looks a LOT like the Clarins ones…!

    Elf is difficult to find here in Canada but I did mange to get one of their mousse eye shadow in the little pots, and it’s fantastic! Long lasting and pretty shade (I got the colour “gala”), this thing:
    And their $1 eye shadow primer is actually really good, works just as well as the Too Faced Shadow Insurance for me.


    1. That’s such a shame! They have E.L.F. in Target here, I wonder if they sold E.L.F. there as well when you had them in Canada. I hear so many great things about the primer, but have never tried it because I need something mattifying around that area. Otherwise, the makeup around the corners bleed and it looks crazy.
      I wanna try the shadows now, though. I’m loving cream eyeshadows at the moment!

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