6 Drugstore Concealers feat. L’Oreal, Wet n Wild & Maybelline

Today we’re talking about drugstore concealers.  Because I like you guys and I want you to have affordable makeup.  Here’s a quick synopsis of the more popular ones to help you in your quest.

L’oreal True Match, $8.99

IMG_1898IMG_1957Good For: A natural look and very lightweight feel on the face.  This gives more sheer coverage: when I try to put it over dark circles it doesn’t cover them, only veils them.

Similar To: MAC’s Mineralize Concealer ($21).  Down to the packaging.

Maybelline Fit Me, $6.99

Good For: People seeking medium coverage and a brightening effect.  A lot of people use this under their eyes and bring it all the way down to the bottom of the nose for highlighting.  Theoretically you could get a darker shade to use for contouring because it’s so creamy/blendable and decently light weight, but it would be an expensive way to go.

Similar To: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ($29).

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind, $8.99


Good For:  Dark circles because it gives decent coverage and has a slight peachy/salmon undertone I talk about here.  I don’t see it doing anything major for serious dark circles, but it works for the average person’s under eye darkness.  It’s also very creamy, blendable, and comfortable (thin) on the skin.  Major drawback: the sponge applicator.  Who likes these!?  You pretty much have to use it to place the product on your skin, too, because the product is so thin that you lose most of it in transferring it from hand to face.  Germ central near your eyes is kind of terrifying.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal, $8.99



Good For:  People seeking full coverage.  This stuff is actually a little too dramatic for me, but I mix it with my foundation before applying and love that it looks natural and also covers.

Similar To: MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer ($20).

Maybelline Dream Lumi, $7.99


IMG_1956Good For: People who like spending almost 10 bucks on the same amount of product Sephora gives you in the foil samples for free.  Yes, this is true.  I was pretty amazed at how little product there was in the container, then I saw it only contained .05 ounces.  I thought to myself “hmm.. I bet that’s how much is in a foil sample.”  I checked an Origins eye cream sample and yeah, same amount of product.  That just annoys me.

I guess it is good for highlighting, though, if you’re going for a matte look.  This gives a sheer wash of color, but no coverage.  It’s not really a concealer, but people use it under their eye to brighten the skin so I thought I’d throw it in here.

Similar To: MAC’s Prep & Prime Pen ($26).

Wet n Wild CoverAll, $2.99


Good For:  Someone looking for a simple and cheap concealer for only a few hours.  This stuff doesn’t really last on my skin, which is not a problem I usually have.  Also, it’s not the most natural looking finish.

Of these, Maybelline’s Master Conceal is my favorite.  I love that it’s thin enough to mix with my foundation, but still conceals amazingly.  Which ones are your favorites and why?  A lot of these have been around for years and have mixed reviews so I like to hear everyone’s opinions.  Also,  favorite E.L.F. makeup is coming up tomorrow so keep an eye out!

All The Best,


14 thoughts on “6 Drugstore Concealers feat. L’Oreal, Wet n Wild & Maybelline

  1. I honestly don’t think that the Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal has THAT much coverage! I find the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser has more coverage for me. Weird. Master Conceal also doesn’t stay put – it rubs off and fades much faster than other concealers I’ve used. Age Rewind Eraser is my HG under eye concealer!
    I really like the Dream Lumi, it’s a very nice under eye highlighter / brightener. I only need a small amount so the little bit in the pen, it does last me a long time.

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  2. Love your post, probably because I am all about drugstore makeup! I am a huge fan of the age rewind stick that’s a great concealer. I am looking forward to trying this master conceal one that everybody is raving about!

    Wet and wild one and also the cover girl concealer are my least favorite. Not worth it, even for how inexpensive they are.


    1. The Wet and Wild one is half the price, but also half the product so I’m definitely not convinced they’re worth it. I also love the Maybelline concealer and I’m also all about drugstore as well! They’ve had some great things lately!

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