Nails of the Week feat. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Real good try, Sally Hansen.  Not great, but honestly I’m not really into gel manicures anyway.  The rubbery texture of Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel makes it very peel-able and once there’s one chip, you better believe I’m peeling the whole nail off.  This definitely has that same texture, but you really have to let it dry for a while because it’s pretty thick.  Between applying enough coats to make it opaque and not having 15 minutes to sit still, this got junked up before it dried all three times I tried it.  I wore it anyway, and the durability was about the same as a regular nail polish.  This, however, requires a $10 top coat and the polish itself costs $10.  If you’re a risk taker and you really like gel manicures, it may be worth a try.  For people who don’t like to take $20 risks, I would skip it.  The color is very beautiful though and the top coat is very shiny.  If you’re looking for a nice shine, just buy the top coat.  I tried it and it works just fine over regular polish. IMG_1391

IMG_1349 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Birthday Suit All The Best, E-SIG

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