DupeDay feat. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Here I am, asking you to put more strange colors on your face in order to somehow make your skin tone more even (see “$3 Concealer feat. L.A. Girl”).  This time we’re trying to correct redness.  To be honest, neither of these will really correct much redness.  If you’re looking to cover rosacea or irritated skin, this won’t do it.  Will it cover minor redness, though?  Let’s see.

IMG_1704 IMG_1706

Smashbox Photo finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer, $39 (full size, travel size pictured here)


This stuff is expensive.  It’s never really done much for my redness either.  I have mild rosacea, and while I never expected it to cancel out the redness of my cheeks, I did expect it to help neutralize normals redness in other areas.  As far as extending the life of your makeup, it doesn’t really do that too drastically either.  It does, however, give your skin a nice smooth look thanks to the silicone and it’s delightful to apply.

NYX Photo Loving Primer, $12.99


I don’t really like this stuff.  Strangely enough, it doesn’t have the same texture as Smashbox’s primer.  I thought, especially since these products have so few ingredients, this would be an exact dupe.  This is much thinner, though.  It doesn’t have the same silky feel that Smashbox’s does.  Also, it gives the skin a very weird, almost scale-like texture.  After wearing this under my makeup, I actually thought I was better off without it.

In this mash-up, the high end product wins, but I’m not sure I would even recommend it for color correction.  If you’re working on someone with slight redness, a more full coverage foundation should cover it.  If it’s more than slight, this primer definitely won’t be helpful anyway.  I do like the blurring effect it has on my skin, though, and I’m happy I bought the travel size for days when my skin is freaking out for whatever reason.

Next I’ll be reviewing Sally Hansen’s no-light gel nail polish, so check back if you’re curious about them!

All The Best,

Julia Caruso

5 thoughts on “DupeDay feat. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

  1. You have officially become my favorite beauty blog! No one brothers reviewing drugstore brands, making the comparisons, and going into as much detail! Reading every word and wish I’d signed up sooner!


  2. I have a concealer palette with a bunch of colours and the green and lilac shades are almost untouched because I don’t think I want those colours on my face. I did try out the green for redness and it make the area look very ashy.
    That NYX looks like snot… sorry, lol.


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