$3 Concealer feat. LA Girl

Spending $30 to cover the dark circles you never asked for in the first place can be so annoying.  If that’s what you’re trying to do, though, LA Girl’s new HD Concealer might be an affordable option for you.  See, regular foundation or concealer may not be actually be concealing your dark spots: they may just be veiling them.  Your regular concealer is formulated to match your skin tone, not the blue undertones that your dark circles are bringing to the party.  To truly neutralize the pigmentation around your eyes from dark circles, you need the opposite of blue: orange (I’m not lying, check a color wheel).  Paler skin types usually do well with peach, while darker and olive skin works better with orange.  I’ve even heard of people using an orange or peach lipstick under their eyes, but I won’t be dragging on my undereye with my matte Lady Danger any time soon.

I know you might be thinking this is beyond your comfort zone.  If you’ve never done it before, it should be a little weird to be putting peach anywhere other than your cheeks or lips.  That’s why at $3, this is a good way to test it out for yourself.  NYX also makes a color correcting concealer for $5 if that’s easier for you to find.  Don’t use this anywhere but on your dark circles, though.  That is when you’ll start to look funky.  Also, don’t over-do it.  It should blend into your skin just like any other concealer.


Have you tried any other color correcting make up products that you actually like?  I’m reviewing Nyx’s version of Smashbox’s green primer for DupeDay (Friday) so check back if you also have redness you’re looking to conceal.  Thank you for reading!

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6 thoughts on “$3 Concealer feat. LA Girl

  1. I’ve tried some salmon coloured corrector for my dark under eye area but they’re usually too creamy and make my concealers crease. I can’t imagine using lipstick for my under eyes!


  2. This took me FOREVER to figure out, but once I did it made a world of difference!

    What I struggle with is figure out my in-between seasonality color. Not pale, not tan, just in-between. Let me know if you’ve got any tips!


    1. For foundation and concealer? I like to keep one light and one dark product that is very thin (won’t add any texture, just to adjust the color since you probably like the one you already use. I like makeup forever’s HD foundation for this) and I mix the foundations together. I almost always make my own mixtures of colors.. Sometimes it’s off but it’s worth practicing and getting right because your makeup can be flawlessly applied but if it doesn’t match your chest that will be the most noticeable thing!

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