Favorite E.L.F. Brushes

It’s rare to find a product that you would actually pay more for, but I’ve found that in E.L.F.’s Studio Brush collection.  Please don’t tell them though because paying $3-6 for brushes with wooden handles and soft bristles make me more happy than I can really explain.  Disclaimer:  some of them will become loose at the ferrule (the middle part which keeps the handle and bristles together) after a few years.  For $3, though, it won’t burn a whole in your pocket to replace.  These are perfect for people who do their makeup occasionally and don’t require heavy duty, long lasting (and expensive) brushes.  They’re just as soft as the more expensive ones away.  Like any collection, there are some hits and misses.  I’ve tried almost all of them and these are the ones worth their baby price tag.

Mineral Powder Brush, $3IMG_1481


Spoiler Alert:  I don’t use a lot of these for their intended purpose, or at least not only their intended purpose.  A lot of these are all-purpose for me, which makes me love them even more.  I use this for bronzer, blush, and powder foundation.  It’s not as dense as the Powder Brush, but this one makes it easier to get into the more difficult areas of your face.

Ultimate Blending Brush, $6IMG_1505


This is my new favorite liquid foundation brush.  It applies product evenly and is so soft on the face.  You can also use it over your powders to blend everything together, as I usually do to my cheeks after I’ve finish my makeup.

Angled Blush Brush, $3IMG_1509


I have three of these at all times because of how useful they are.  It’s tapered and angled which allows for precise application.  I like that.  Also, it’s $3.  Awesome.

Flawless Concealer Brush, $3IMG_1503


Soft and tapered, just what I want for my under-eye area.

Powder Brush, $3

IMG_1494The last model I worked on asked me who makes this brush because it felt so soft on her face.    It’s really dense so it gives full coverage whether you’re working with powder or liquid.  I love that this brush is both inexpensive and versatile, it’s like a double whammy.

Small Stipple Brush, $3IMG_1488


I have three of these, also.  They’re perfect for the cheeks, where you want to be precise in your application.  I love these especially for liquid highlighters (more about those here) and cream blushes.  They deposit just enough product to make difficult to work with products easier and buildable.  I’ve tried the regular size stipple brush by them, though, and I wasn’t impressed.

Blush Brush, $3IMG_1501


I don’t really use this for blush, since I mostly use the Small Stipple Brush or the Angled Blush Brush.  I do, however, love it to set concealer under my eye.  Pressing it flat against my face does the job really quickly and the soft bristles, again, feel great in that sensitive area.

I’ve gotten some requests to review Morphe Brushes and I totally intended to.  I filled a cart online and was about to pull the trigger, but I just didn’t feel like I was getting the best value.  Some of those are a lot more expensive than I thought they would be.  I still may buy some just to review, but I think these are such a better alternative considering they’re available in stores and therefore easier to return in case they don’t work out.  Real Techniques review is coming soon, though!

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9 thoughts on “Favorite E.L.F. Brushes

  1. ELF is one of the best things that ever came into my makeup routine. I try so many of their products just because theyre so affordable! I like their HD power dupe- I wear it in the summer. I’d love for you to share a post at my link up today, if you’re interested! The details are right on my blog under ‘Tell ’em Tuesday’.
    xoxo K

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  2. You can always glue the brush head back instead of buying replacement ones! Works a charm!
    I own a few of these but have given some away to friends who wanted “starter” makeup brushes and they liked these (I have a friend who has this “thing” where she wants all her brushes to be ALL black, these fit the bill!)
    That Ultimate Blending brush looks amazing! I’m going to put that on my wish list!


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