Coconut Oil for your Hair & Nails

We’re not done with coconut oil yet!  If hair and nails are more your concern, cure whatever ails you with more uses for coconut oil.


Dandruff.  I’ve personally never used this for dandruff, but given that it’s so nourishing and hydrating, try this stuff out for mild dandruff before hitting the hard stuff.  Coconut oil’s thinness allows it to sink into the skin really nicely, making it perfect for scalp care.

Hair Masks.  I love using castor oil to make my hair grow longer and thicker.  The stuff is as thick as honey, though.  Really unpleasant to deal with.  Mixing in some much-thinner coconut oil makes it so much more manageable and makes the hair mask even more beneficial. This is great especially for those with color treated hair.

Shaving Cream.  This is so much more hydrating than any store bought shaving cream I’ve ever used.  I suggest spreading it over your legs, then washing your hands before grabbing your razor because this will make your hands slippery.

Cuticle Oil.  Sally Hansen is real cute for thinking you’d pay almost $10 for a few drops of oil to rub into your cuticles when your hands are dry.  Rub some coconut oil on instead, especially after you’ve used a harsh nail polish remover and your cuticles are looking sad.

More Hair Stuff.  If you’re having a frizzy hair day, sometimes adding product only makes it worse.  Even if your ends are just kind of dry, you can rub a drop of this into your palms and smooth it through the bottom half of your hair.  Just do so sparingly, of course.

So, if you’re wondering how to make use of the rest of your 17 oz. jar of coconut oil, the answer is simple: replace your expensive scrubs, lotions, chapsticks, gels, and cuticle oils with this all-natural option.  This is the second part of this post so check that one out if you’re interested in what it can do for your skin.  Also, thanks to the person who requested this post.  If you have any suggestions for future posts, always let me know!

All The Best,


10 thoughts on “Coconut Oil for your Hair & Nails

  1. Fantastic! I’ve always heard amazing things – and now I have a jar sitting around just waiting to be used because I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to trying anything that’s new and sounds even somewhat cray.

    Good to know that I can use it sparingly to test it out rather than jumping all in with both feet. And LOVE the idea to use it as shaving cream. I’ll have to try that one out ASAP since I have it in stock. 🙂


  2. Coconut oil is the BEST! I love using it on my cuticles and will have to remember to try it when my scalp gets dry. It’s also an awesome base for DIY face masks!


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