Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream & Clay Mask Review

If a cream calls itself “Magic” and costs $100, I want my skin to look like the creepy porcelain dolls that my parents keep in our basement because my mom refuses to throw them away.  One parent of mine has a hard time throwing things out.  I don’t, and I’ll probably do just that to Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream.  I was excited to try a few things from this line last time I was in London, just before it was premiering in the U.S.  You can read more about this shopping trip here!





Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, $100

Pros:  This stuff is definitely hydrating.  Unlike the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate which both dried out and irritated my skin, at least this stuff only irritated my skin.  It also has a nice scentbut only if you like the smell of roses (lots of roses, or the smell of your grandma).  Lastly, the SPF 15 is great, especially if aging is a concern.  Is SPF 15 enough though?  I have no idea.  But it has to be better than SPF 0.

Cons:  The jar packaging really bums me out.  To me, it just never feels as sanitary.  Also, is this huge jar really necessary?  If I wanna travel with this, it should have a higher SPF because it will be the only liquid I can fit into my TSA approved bag.  Also, this stuff has fragrance.  It baffles me that companies continue to put fragrance into their products knowing how irritating it is.  I asked the sales associate about three things: fragrance, vitamin E, and SPF.  She assured me there was no fragrance, but Nordstrom’s ingredient list has it listed as the second ingredient.  As a result, it was irritating and it also has a very heavy feel to it on the skin.  Lastly, it’s expensive.  Too many cons, in my opinion, for such an expensive item.

 Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask, $70

Pros:  This stuff definitely makes your skin feel very soft after you wash it off.  And that’s all I got for Pros.

Cons:  I’m not ashamed to admit that I often find myself staring longingly at the smooth and wrinkle free faces of toddlers, so when the bottle of this mask told me I would have baby skin I thought to myself “finally, someone who gets me”.  Didn’t happen though.  Not much happened
after using this actually.  Also, what is up with this smell!?  Do the ingredients in her products have such a terrible odor that she needs to mask everything with this is nursing home scent?  It’s also pretty expensive, especially for something that does nothing.



I also bought the Wonder Glow illuminating liquid during this trip, which I’ll be talking about soon in a post about liquid highlighters, so stay tuned!

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15 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream & Clay Mask Review

    1. Horrifying, right?? Chanel’s face cream also has fragrance, I put it on at a friend’s house once and could feel it immediately. What’s so strange is that she told me there was no fragrance. I definitely feel the itchy, irritated feeling usually associated with fragrance, though. Hmm!

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  1. Dang, I’ve been wanting to try Charlotte Tilbury, but I think I will avoid it now…the skin stuff, at least. I’ll stay tuned for makeup reviews 🙂


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