Eyes On MAC Warm Neutrals Palette Swatches

These full-sized MAC shadows are $5.60 each.  That definitely caught my attention last week when the person I was meeting for lunch was fifteen minutes late and I was on the same block as a MAC store.  For a while I had been considering building my own palette of warm neutral shadows, specifically for transition shades.  Strangely enough, I have about 10 palettes but none that have a significant amount of transition shades:  I need to go into each one for whichever shade I’m looking for at the moment.  This palette may be MAC’s response to the Urban Decay Naked Palette (which, honestly, I rarely even use) but I’m convinced it’s actually MAC’s response to my eye shadow dreams.  I’ve been wearing the middle column with Ruby Woo and other cool red lipsticks nonstop, I love it.




This 15 shadow palette ($85/$160 value, Pro discount not applicable) also comes in cool tones.  If you’re not looking to throw down such a large chunk of change, they also have these 9-shadow palettes for $40 and the Pro discount is applicable.  While this one is significantly more expensive than the typical $50 palettes at Sephora, I prefer a carefully selected palette filled with consistently textured shadows in shades I will use regularly over some of the more hit or miss shades in other brands’ palettes.  For professionals especially, I think this is a great option.  I like to support MAC because I admire their focus on artistry, which isn’t necessarily matched by every cosmetics company..


Fairly simple looks I created with this palette.



My little sister and her very beautiful friend, also wearing this palette on their eyes.  They were going to be on stage, so I went a little heavier than I usually would on these young gorgeous faces.

IMG_0317 2

All The Best,


8 thoughts on “Eyes On MAC Warm Neutrals Palette Swatches

  1. This looks like the perfect palette! I love all of the colors & I always lean towards these shades since they’re so versatile! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. What a versatile palette. They included some shades that were limited edition too – I have Divine Decadence (which coincidentally I’m wearing today!) which was from MAC’s Indulge collection in 2013. Actually, I love all the shades from that last row… but not enough to justify getting the whole palette. I wish they would sell those shades individually!
    Great simple eye look! Thanks for this review.


  3. Even though I don’t need other eyeshadows (I actually not wear them very often), the 1 thing on my bucket list is a Mac neutral eyeshadow quad! Your swatches make it very difficult to decide between them all 😉


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