Milani Baked Blush Collection & Review

If you’re exhausted and you only have 5 bucks, definitely go get yourself a coffee so you feel awake.  If you have $10, get yourself a coffee AND a Milani Baked Blush so you can actually look awake.  These give the prettiest glow to your face.  They act almost as a highlighter, making your cheeks look bigger and your skin look healthy.  It’s weird but I swear I look happier when I wear these, which is perfect for when you’re just too tired to smile.Unknown

Consistency.  I’m not crazy about Delizioso Pink.  I find it to be a little chalky, which is strange because the others are really smooth and silky.

Colors.  I can’t think of another baked blush that looks so pretty sitting in the packaging.  They have metallic micro-flecks throughout which gives your cheeks the glow I mentioned.

Price.  This varies, but they’re around $5.99 at the drugstore.

Pigmentation.  This is a tricky subject when it comes to blush because, while you usually want a product to be super pigmented, with blush I like to build it slowly in order to avoid over doing it.  I find Nars blushes to actually be too pigmented sometimes, for example.  So, I really like the pigmentation on these, especially for a baked blush.  You don’t have to dig into the product to pick it up and you don’t have to tap it all off your brush either.

Packaging.  I don’t like to talk about packaging too much because I don’t really want fancy, expensive packaging.  I’d rather have plain, sturdy packaging and pay less.  However, I wish the packaging was more solid: I always feel like the hinges could come undone any time I open them.  Underneath the blush is another section with a mirror and brush, but honestly I wish they had done without that and just made the compact higher quality.


“Dolce Pink” Blush and” Glow” Baked BronzerIMG_0883

Here wearing Rose D’oro.


All The Best,


PS. Manderz Hogan: I have a new one of these for you since I broke one of your shadows on Amanda’s birthday, I’ll bring it when I come to Monmouth on Monday!

10 thoughts on “Milani Baked Blush Collection & Review

  1. LOVE Luminoso! It’s one of my all time favourite blushes regardless of brand (rivals high end ones!) I own only 2 of the Milani shimmery baked blushes (Luminoso & Berry Amore), and both of the newer matte ones – all are fantastic!

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