Revlon Color Burst Collection & Swatches

These are my favorite lip products.  There, I said it.  Any time someone calls me to come out while I’m laying in bed, I throw some makeup on my face and put one of these in my bag for the night.  They’re only about $7 each, so if I leave it in my purse (which I always do) and don’t discover it there for months I’m okay with it.  There are three versions of this product; Matte Balm, Balm Stain, and Lacquer Balm.  Tarte has a similar product, LipSurgence Lip Tints.  Skip them.  They’re not any better than these in my opinion and 3x the price.

Consistency.  I love the way these feel on my lips.  They have a wet sort of look to them, especially the ones from the “Balm Stain” line, without being glossy or sticky.  I’ve become so used to sacrificing texture for pigmentation and vice versa and with this product, I don’t have to make that choice.  Even after taking photos of lip swatches, which involved putting the different shades on and taking them off, my lips still feel more hydrated than usual.  They have a definite minty smell to them, which I enjoy.

Colors.  These come in really interesting shades, which surprised me for a drug store product.    Usually for a fun orange or purple color, I would skip the drug store and go right to high end, but Shameless is actually my favorite purple lipstick.

Pigmentation.  Because of the buildable formula I can lightly line my outer lip with this, then fill it in and the balmy texture allows me to wipe away any mistakes without making a mess.  I don’t need a lip liner with this, with adds to the convenience factor.  I’ve put these on in a cab more times than I can count.

I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more from this product, except perhaps more glamorous packaging.  These have the marker-like packaging because they’re the grandbaby product of the Just Bitten Lip Stain Plus Balm which actually had a marker tip.  For $7 though, I’m cool with it, even if I look like a kid in an art class when I pull it out at dinner.



IMG_0849Shameless (and a squinty eye)







Milani Blushes are tomorrow, come back to see swatches of these little gems!

All The Best,


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