Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

Drugstore companies have been doing some amazing things for my lips.  I don’t actually remember the last high end lip product I bought.  Let’s dig in with these Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks.

Consistency.  Creamy, delicious, not at all waxy or dehydrating.  These are very easily made matte by patting some translucent powder over top, it doesn’t require much.

Colors.  This line of lipsticks has so many shades that they’ve actually split them into different collections, discernible by their cap color.  I love this because I can see which shade I’m grabbing without having to check the label.  I’m really pleasantly surprised by the range of colors in this line.

Price.  $5.49 – I see displays for this product everywhere I go.  You can buy them at Target or Ulta online.

Pigmentation.  Spot on.  No build-up necessary, just a couple of swipes across the lips is all you’ll need.


Brazen Berry from the Vivids CollectionIMG_0829

Truffle Tease from The Buffs CollectionIMG_0843

Lust for Blush from The Matte Collection


Wearing Espresso Exposed which I mattified with some powder.


Pictures from El Yunque Rainforest are coming tomorrow!

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