Travel Makeup Tips & What Happens to Colour Pop Shadows When They Break?

Since I’ve graduated from college recently, I’m suddenly able to take all of the trips I dreamed of when I spent my Sundays writing papers.  Between the end of January and now, I’ve been to San Francisco, Miami, London, Sri Lanka, and Puerto Rico, always going back to New York between trips.  After this, I’m going to board myself up in my apartment and do nothing, but for now let’s talk about a couple of ways to pack efficiently and how I’ve been creating easy breezy looks with just a few products.






DSC03078For beach vacations, I usually don’t even bring eye shadow for fear of something happening to my palettes in transit.  Instead, I bring bronzer, highlighter, setting powder, and sometimes a cool toned shade to contour.  I did this in the pictures above.  Bronzer goes in the crease, highlighter on the lid, and a tiny bit of the contour shade directly in the crease to give definition.  You know how sometimes guys will tell you “Wow you look beautiful without makeup!” and you try to accept the compliment graciously, knowing he’s an idiot and you actually have makeup covering every inch of your face?  This will give you that kind of look; natural and glowing.   DSC03031

I hate to check bags, so I stuff as much as I can in my TSA approved bag and that’s it.  Above is all of the makeup I brought on this trip (knowing I’d be doing my sisters’ makeup every night) plus a bronzer and more makeup brushes not pictured.

Coconut Oil:  If you’re not familiar with this oil, it’s very thin so it soaks into your skin quickly: you won’t get that sticky feeling usually associated with oil.  This is incredible because you can use it all over your body and face as a moisturizer, plus you can use it to take off your makeup.  Coconut oil is the thinnest oil I’ve ever used, so it’s by far my favorite.


Those travel sized products in the checkout aisle of Sephora are not looking out for you.  The smaller sizes are usually not the better value (by far) and the packaging is so bulky.  These small containers are a total game changer.  Instead of choosing one foundation and shade, I can easily bring three of these with three different shades and it still takes up less space than an entire bottle of foundation.  These are also great for liquid highlighters and more importantly, serums.  I notice they usually come in much bigger bottles than is actually necessary, I’m sure in order to make us feel better about paying over $50 for an ounce of product.  Squeeze your skin care items into these, label them, and see how many more options you can suddenly bring.  I got mine at Muji in SoHo but they’re available online practically everywhere, very inexpensively.


I’ve also been bringing products that are very buildable.  These are Revlon’s Colorbust Balms, which I have many of and will be reviewing soon.  I like these for vacation because I can apply one layer to a clean face for a little bit of color, or I can build it for more coverage, eliminating the need for two separate products.

DSC03014So I’ve accidentally stabbed my Colour Pop shadows with my brushes sometimes and wondered what these things are made of.  I’ve read that they’re a cream product, which makes sense considering the packaging tells you to keep the lid closed.  But they really are a hybrid since a true cream product wouldn’t break in my luggage and crumble like my poor Solstice shadow did.  I always thought they were more sponge-y and wouldn’t break.  I was wrong!

I have a bunch of new stuff to review when I get home, so check back for that!

All The Best,


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