BTS: EmmerichNY Editorial Shoot

Korina Emmerich is a badass women’s fashion designer who showed at New York Fashion Week last year and got picked up by Lord & Taylor.  She’s also my pal.  I’m constantly inspired by her combination of determination and talent and when she asks me to be involved in her shoots, I practically show up with bells on.  Below are some behind the scenes shots of a more editorial-style shoot for Lord & Taylor that we did this past weekend at a bar on the Lower East Side.


Being a jet lagged four-eyes in a room full of gorgeous people is definitely an experience.


DSC02001Close up shot of the makeup


DSC02018  DSC02055

Korina’s hair is what six year old Julia dreamed of when she went to bed at night.DSC02060





Korina’s leather jackets fit so well and those Chanel pants the model has on were incredible.


One of the shots involved about 20 guys in the background with the only female model in the foreground, so there were a lot of dudes in leather hanging around throughout the day.DSC02095

Here are some shots from Korina’s NYFW show – she was a finalist on Project Runway.03+Korina+Emmerich+Spring+2015+_aPbTSr_-13l



And here are some shots from the last shoot we did from the same collection.

691cb0_6bbcd7ad2adf4c0b945ecf5e8b7f7ae6.jpg_srz_p_420_568_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 tumblr_nihvc8dRNr1rqu02mo1_1280tumblr_nigdhlKEc31rqu02mo1_1280


Photos by James Schieberl

Clothing by Korina Emmerich

Makeup by Cadi Storm & Me

Hair by Kayo Fujita

Model is Mem Lala

Runway Photos by Style Bistro

Korina’s pieces are also available here.

Thank you for checking me out!  All The Best,


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