ColourPop Super Shock Blush Review & Swatches

Colour Pop has some of the most pigmented and affordable shadows around.  Their new Super Shock Blushes are no different.  They have the same spongey texture and come in the same packaging, except the blushes contain 2x the product and cost $3 more.  I lightly dusted some of the “Holiday” shade into my crease and it warmed things right up, so I’m sure they can possibly function as a 2-in-1 product.  Always be careful putting things near your eyes that aren’t intended for that area, though.



Consistency.  Exactly the same as the Super Shock shadows.  These have that unique, spongey thing going on which is similar only to the Maybelline Bouncy blushes.

Colors.  Very pretty!  These come in 20 shades, a variety of coral, pink, peach and a few plum shades.  Colour Pop always does such interesting things with color.  The finish on the skin is beautiful, it absolutely just melts into the skin.

Price.  These are totally accessible at $8 each.  Blush can be so expensive, especially the really remarkable ones (Nars, crying face) so these are a nice alternative.

Pigmentation.  Colour Pop is known for their pigmentation, so this isn’t a problem at all.

Application.   Definitely start slow with these and build.  Just like the shadows, the best color pay off happens with your fingers.  So far, I’ve been applying to my cheeks and blending with a synthetic-hair brush (which is the kind of brush they recommend for their products).  These are more difficult to work with than powder, so I suggest using them only when you have the time to properly apply – don’t expect to throw these on for a ten minute make up look.


IMG_0621Overall, I think these are fun to try and the finish is really luminous and brightening.  I wouldn’t stock up on these if you’re on a tight budget because the shelf life is going to be lower than powder products.  In fact, I would buy the Milani blushes (around $6-8) before these because they both give that glowing look, but the Milani blushes are easier to apply and can be found in stores.

Maybe I’ll do a review on Milani blushes soon because those are both gorgeous and affordable, right up my alley!  Stay tuned!

All The Best,


15 thoughts on “ColourPop Super Shock Blush Review & Swatches

  1. It gave such a lovely glow to your cheeks!

    I am excited to see your Milani review. The blushes are so good and I feel like people overlook them sometimes! Luminoso is one of my all time favs.


  2. I’ve never used ColourPop products before but these blushes look beautiful!! Apparently they now ship to Australia so maybe I can try getting them now.. if the shipping does not cost me an arm and a leg!


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