Worst Beauty Purchase: Sigma Brushes

Last summer I was looking to add to my collection of eye brushes.  I thought I’d pick out a few from MAC, which are tried and true awesome.  Then, it struck me that I should try something new.  I had heard (potentially biased) good things about the Sigma Performance Eyes Kit which retails for $84 and includes 8 brushes, so I was excited to try it.  I mean, Lisa Eldridge uses these brushes!  They had to be great!

Nope.  I hate this set.  There’s not a single one I reach for even slightly regularly.

E21 Smudge.  This one, unlike some of the others, actually has a great shape.  But the bristles are so rough, you’re better off smudging with a q-tip.  Maybe I’m overreacting, though, right?  I just brushed it under my lower lash line and no, this brush actually hurts.

E56 Shader Lid.  This may be the most useful brush in the kit, but I still have better.  The hairs are really soft though!

E47 Shader Crease.  This brush is not finely tapered.  For precise looks, I wouldn’t recommend it.  The brushes also fray very easily, mine are pretty bad and I never use most of them.

E46 Shader Inner Corner.  Again, I have better brushes for this purpose.  Since this is mostly used just to place product, you can use a variety of small brushes for this purpose.

E36 Blending.  Nothing special, at all.

E17 Waterline Liner.  This is my fault, honestly.  What was I doing buying a waterline liner brush?  Doesn’t a regular eye liner brush work just fine in the water line?

E11 Eyeliner.  Another one that has gotten very frayed unexplainably.  This doesn’t come to a sharp enough point to give a precise line, and the fraying sends it over the edge.  For a paint-brush style, I prefer the Makeup Geek Bent Liner Brush which has a fine point and is easy to use.

There’s another brush in the kit, but I’ve lost it.  I’m fine with that, since it’s a tightline liner brush.  What? Why?  These liner brushes look like they have flat top hair cuts, which at least makes me smile.

DSC01956 2

DSC09909 2


Above are two precise eye looks I expected to be able to do with these brushes, using Colour Pop shadows.

I know these are a popular beauty item, so if you like these feel free to share your opinion why!  I do want to like these!

All The Best,


14 thoughts on “Worst Beauty Purchase: Sigma Brushes

    1. I’ve tried their blending sponge and really like it! They’re just hard to find in stores in Manhattan. I do want to try them though, so I may just take the risk and order them on Ulta because people really love their face brushes!


  1. I do like sigma brushes but I have comparable brushes for half the price! I do find with more expensive brush brands they have more variety of brushes. I wish real techniques would offer more brushes.


    1. Yeah, I do think I may have been more satisfied with these if the price was lower. Then again, I think these in particular just weren’t designed nicely. You have a point about Real Techniques though.. As a successful brand I wonder why they aren’t expanding more rapidly. Thanks for reading and chatting 🙂

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  2. Thanks for your honest review! I’m sorry they didn’t work out for you 😦 Everyone else is hyping about this and I wondered if they were really that good. I’m looking to get a set of brushes but Sigma brushes are just a little too pricey for a beginner like me. I’m actually looking at the Zoeva brushes – they’re much more affordable than the Sigma ones.

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