My Trip to Sri Lanka & Photos

Sri Lankan people are the best and their country is incredible.  I have a bunch of friends from Sri Lanka that live here in NYC and Colombo and I’ve never been there ( or to Asia), so we took a trip out visit.  Everyone there is so happy and friendly.  There’s a strong spiritual vibe and the tropical climate is incredible for a New York City icicle like me!

Photo Mar 05

Twelve hours to Dubai flew by.  I watched “The Theory of Everything” and cried one single tear then slept the rest of the way.  That movie is so beautiful!  Then, my two hour connection in Dubai turned into an eighteen hour layover because of the snow at JFK.  I was by myself at this point so those eighteen hours involved me watching American television with subtitles in an airport hotel and eating pita bread.

Photo Mar 06Photo Mar 08 copy 3

Finally in Colombo.  We stayed at the Cinnamon Grand which was really nice.  We had dinner at Lagoon then went out.  I think we went to every club in Colombo and ended the night eating street-side food and orange juice in the car.  This was my favorite part of the trip and I now have a new addition to the list of foods I’ll crave regularly.  Which is both great and terrible.

Photo Mar 08




We went to a department store called Odel while we were in Colombo.  It was a huge, beautiful store full of gorgeous jewelry, clothing, and home decor.  There was almost no makeup there (mostly fragrance) but I managed to get this YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in Rose Opera.  It’s so creamy and I love the color for spring!  I also got some tea for my mama (Sri Lanka is known for their Ceylon tea, and it really is delicious) and these ceramic elephants which have loose tea inside them.

Photo Mar 08 copy

Then we took the beautiful one hour drive to the Southern Province where we stayed the rest of the trip.  On the way we saw so many temples, cows, and children playing.



Photo Mar 10

Photo Mar 10 copy 4

The hotel where we stayed was an oceanside boutique resort with only twelve rooms… it was tiny!  I spent the whole time there without wearing any makeup, just my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate which you can read about here. 
Photo Mar 10 copy 3

Lunch in Sri Lanka.  We ate a lot of prawns, lobster, calamari and rice.  It was delicious, but after the third day all I wanted was a sandwich.

I also went to the spa at the resort.  I didn’t take my phone because usually spas have a relaxed and private atmosphere.  When I got there, I realized I totally could have brought my phone: it was basically a hut which accommodated one guest at a time.  Definitely a unique experience.  I had a Balinese massage and a green tea and salt body scrub.  The masseuse was a beautiful Indonesian woman and it was the best massage I’ve ever gotten.Photo Mar 09

Photo Mar 09 copy

Photo Mar 09 copy 2

Photo Mar 10 copy 2

Photo Mar 10 copy 5

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