Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows Review

I do dumb things sometimes.  I had been holding out on buying these since they came out.  ColourPop shadows are half the price and I was never crazy about the colors they put out (I wanted more pretty neutrals and a lot of their colors are very bold).  But since I’ve gotten into really soft eye looks lately, I thought I’d finally give the MakeupGeek Foiled Eyeshadows a try.  I love me some wet lookin’ eyelids, I really do.

Consistency.  These guys are really creamy.  With most moist (yeah I said it) shadows, the best application tool would be your own fingers.  They just pick up and transfer the color better than any brush.  If you do use a brush, a flat shader-type is your best bet, just make sure you blend out the edges with a fluffy brush.  These shadows do blend out very nicely.

Colors.  I bought two, Showtime and Grandstand.  I also wanted In The Spotlight, but it was sold out at the time.  Below I’m wearing Grandstand all over the lid and I blended it out with the contour shade from my Nars contouring duo.  I did another look with Showtime in the crease and hated it immediately.  I never like anything but matte shades in the crease, so I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea in the first place.  I just wish there were more pretty neutrals in the line for different skin tones.

Price.  $9.99 each.  They’re not exactly a steal, but realistically I think this is a pretty fair price.  Though you can only buy them online, the shipping price is surprisingly reasonable online.

Pigmentation.  Incredible.  You don’t need to build these colors at all.  They go on with one swipe across the lid just fine.






By the way, below is how they’re currently being stored since they only come as pans and I have less Z-Palette real estate available than I thought.  I was laughing at myself at first, but I’m not really mad about it now.


NOW – are there any other creamy/foiled/cream to powder shadows that I should know about? All my powder shadows can go ahead and a take a seat,  I’m really into this consistency at the moment.

UPDATE:  These were absolutely pulverized in my luggage going from NYC to Sri Lanka.  Nothing else was damaged, just these two.  I’m not sure if it was the shadow’s fault; it was a long journey.  I wouldn’t recommend these for travel, though.  For the foiled look, ColourPop shadows are perfect.  I’ve dropped those and brought them everywhere and they simply won’t break because of their spongey texture.

All The Best,


19 thoughts on “Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows Review

  1. Ah I was the opposite of you! I really wanted to try Makeup geek, but a lot of the colors were just to neutral for me and then Colorpop became popular and I was like Thank God! I still want to try MG though, probably next time.


    1. That’s so funny! I guess I have every bold shade I could ever need from ColourPop (and they’re half the price) so I was looking for something different in these. I think Grandstand is definitely worth trying though! I even wore it during the day, which I couldn’t really do with any of my ColourPop shadows.

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