ColourPop Collection & Swatches

THESE SHADOWS!  They’re not exactly a new product, but I wanna talk about them anyway.  I actually feel like I’m favoring these little babies too much, but if you’ve ever worked with these you understand why.  They’re pigmented, creamy, the color selection is incredibly unique, and they’re $5 each.  Come on.  The only downside?  They don’t go on nearly as well with a brush, you have to use your fingers.  Unless you have dainty doll fingers, that makes it pretty hard to do any detail work.  It is possible, just very difficult.  They’re only available online, so if you’re thinking of placing an order you can check out these swatches before you decide.




My favorite shades are Game Face (my little sister actually liked this so much that I let her keep it and ordered another one), Get Lucky, Liberty, Mooning, and Solstice.  I also added a couple of looks I’ve done with these shadows in the past, including one of my little sister on her 21st birthday before she went to her first club then ate a cheeseburger.




ColourPop cosmetics can be ordered here! They came out with blushes recently, which I’m waiting for patiently (shipping sometimes takes a while, or maybe I’m just spoiled by Sephora’s fast shipping).  Keep your eye out for the review on those!

All The Best,


14 thoughts on “ColourPop Collection & Swatches

    1. This is a little excessive, haha! For Black Friday they gave you one shadow free for every few (I don’t remember how many exactly) so that’s how a lot of this happened! Did you order any of their blushes? I’m so curious about them!

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      1. YES I did order a couple of their blushes, more like eight I think. I can’t wait to have them! I can’t wait for the holiday deals though, they are so cheap, but give good deals. Too bad I missed that sale, I only heard about this brand in January x(!


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