Easiest Ways to Calm Sensitive Skin

For when your skin is crispy, but not quite delicious.

What’s it like for your largest organ to be so damn sensitive all of the time?  Really annoying.  It’s also pretty hard to ignore since you’re literally covered in it.  Luckily, a few easy changes in your beauty routine could solve the problem.  Let’s dig in.

Fragrance.  This is the most obvious irritant for the skin.  Even if yours isn’t usually sensitive, don’t you EVER put any skin care products with fragrance on your face.  Forget your face cream while traveling?  Don’t you dare put on the body lotion that hotels supply on your face.  These are usually loaded with fragrance and cheap ingredients.  Call room service, ask for pure olive oil, wash your hands, then go to town.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures.  So, we can’t always control the climate, but we can control the temperature of the water we use on our face.  During the winter, skin gets stressed from constantly going from heated building to freezing wind.  If you’re showering with extremely hot water (which is the best way to do it in my opinion) you’re adding to the problem.  If this is a habit of yours, slowly decrease the temperature every day and you’ll see a difference soon.

Fabrics.  Well, I’m mostly talking about wool.  Skin sensitivity is usually genetic (I’m sorry mom but that’s another terrible thing you gave me and I think about it every time I wear a sweater) so any materials that bother family members will probably bother you.  I’ve been making sure to wear a long sleeve cotton shirt everyday as an undershirt if I’m going to have on any sort of wool blend.  This has helped tremendously and it never hurts to layer.

Vitamin E.  This vitamin is very healing and soothing for skin, so even if you still experience irritation, this could act as a spot treatment.  Pure vitamin E oil is very thick, so it’s best to use at night, mixed in with other oils.  You can also puncture a tablet and mix it into your moisturizer.  Some skin care and make up products do have vitamin E in their ingredients (“tocopherol” is what you’re looking for) so you can also keep an eye out for those and see if there’s enough of the vitamin in there to actually make a difference.

Extra.  Keep your receipts, girl!!  If your skin is chronically sensitive, there’s a higher chance that a lot of skin care products will irritate it.  Whenever you can, ask for samples of products before buying the full size.  Know the store’s return policy also and keep that receipt handy because beauty products are expensive, my friend.

Is there anything else you do to combat sensitive skin?  Seriously, spill the beans.

All The Best,


Photo by Danielle of  Dy In SF clothing.

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