All Under Ten feat. Revlon & E.L.F.

Even when I’m on a no-buy, I can’t resist picking up a few fun things from Nyx, one of my favorite makeup brands.  I went to Ricky’s in TriBeCa last week to see if they had anything from their spring collection and they didn’t.  But!  While I was there I did notice everything by Eyes Lips and Face (except brushes) was on sale.  So my no-buy went bye bye, but at least everything in this post is ten dollars or under!DSC09110

A look I did on myself recently using the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation to contour cheeks and nose and the ELF Prism Palette in Sunset

ELF Prism Palette in Smoke and Sunset $10

I had always been curious about these cream shadows, but the thought of spending $10 on something that may not show up on my face made me pause.  I’m happy I bought these, but I’m also happy I bought them for $5 each instead of full price.  Since I have about 15 Color Pop shadows (which don’t fall out and are super-pigmented) these are sort of second best.  The colors are beautiful though so I’m sure I’ll find a use for them!

ELF Small Stipple Brush $3

I usually prefer skin to skin with cream products because the warmth helps them blend nicely, but I picked this up for when I don’t feel like using my fingers.  It’s surprisingly dense for $3.

Ricky’s Konjac Sponge $10

This is a new product for me, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite.  Since my skin is very sensitive, any sort of abrasive or chemical exfoliant will irritate my face immediately.  This sponge is so incredibly soft (it actually kind of creeped me out the first time I touched it) that it exfoliates my skin without causing irritation.

Andrea Strip Lashes 33 $2.99

These are just some dense lashes with a very thin band, which I like.  A lot of my thicker lashes are from Velour and the bands have just been driving my eyes crazy lately.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation $7.99

I bought this for cream contouring, since I like to use foundations for a more natural look.  I definitely recommend this for that purpose, it blends really nicely and doesn’t feel or look heavy on the skin.

I’m loving the drug store lately.  Keep an eye out for more reviews on affordable makeup!

All The Best,


6 thoughts on “All Under Ten feat. Revlon & E.L.F.

  1. I wish I could get ELF products in my country! $3 for a stipple brush that is pretty dense is such an awesome deal. You did a great job with the make up look, hehe and I think you’ve got really beautiful features 🙂


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